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Data protection policy

Data Protection Notice of Robert Bosch Chile S.A.

Corporate information Legal notice Data protection policy

Robert Bosch Chile S.A. (called, "Robert Bosch" and/or "we") rejoices with your visit at our pages and internet websites, as well to our mobile applications, and with your interest in our company and our products.

1. Robert Bosch respect your privacy

1.1 Your privacy protection during the data personal processing, as well the security of all the company’s data, is for us a question of high importance, under consideration in our corporate processes. We process personal data, collected during your visit to our internet page or our mobile applications, handling it in a confidential way and only under legal requirements.

1.2 Data protection and information security are parts of our corporate policy.

2. Collection and processing of personal data

2.1 Personal data are individual indications about the personal circumstances and factual of a natural person identified or identifiable, for example, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, photos, identifying numbers, data related to the local or other information about an identified or identifiable person.

2.2 We collect, process and use personal data (moreover, IP address, with date and hour) only when there is legal basis for this purpose or when you have granted a declaration of free, express and informed relating to, for example, a registration, a research, a contribution in Robert Bosch Community, a competition or an execution of a contract.

3. Purpose of data collection

3.1 Robert Bosch or a service provider designated for Robert Bosch use your personal data for technical administration of the internet page and mobile applications, customer’s administration, survey about products and for your consultation at Robert Bosch, always restricted for the required scope. Robert Bosch will only use the collected information in the presented form in this policy and agreed for you.

3.2 Therefore, by express your agreement with this Policy, you will give your free, express and informed consent so that Robert Bosch collect information by means of its page on internet and use the collected information in the form and for the purposes descript in this Policy.

4. Data transfer to third parties

Robert Bosch designate external service providers as sales and marketing services, contract management, payment processing, programming, data hosting and hotline services. Consequently, your data may be transferred to these third-party providers so that they can comply with the services entrusted to you, whether they are in the Argentine Republic or in other countries, including those countries that do not have the same services legislation that Argentina. Robert Bosch selected these service providers carefully and monitor periodically, in particular the carefully management and the security of the data saved by them. All suppliers have an obligation of confidentiality with Robert Bosch and compliance with legal regulations.

5. Usage of cookies

5.1 General

Cookies are short text files, which are save on your computer. Based in these files, we can know if your terminal already communicates with our websites. The reading of cookies allows us to adjust our site to you and custom for you and make it easy to be used.

5.2 Robert Bosch cookies

Robert Bosch uses cookies and active components (for example, JavaScript), in order to follow the visitor preferences and improve properly the site.

5.3 Cookies of third parties’ provider

In some websites of Robert Bosch contents and another providers’ services are integrated (for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), which in turn can use cookies and active components. Robert Bosch does not affect the using of personal data for these providers’ side.

5.4 Deactivate and delete cookies

By visiting our site, you will be asked, by means of a pop up window, if you allow that the cookies of our site be activate or if you want to deactivate it in tools.

In case of you do not permit the cookies, then it will be adjusted in your browser a cookie Opt-Out. This cookie is exclusively attributed in case of contradiction. The deactivation of the cookies can, however, lead to some functions of our site do not be able for you. Attention should be paid that the cookie Opt-Out, for technical reasons, can only find use for the browser, which he was created. In case of you delete the cookies or use another browser or another terminal, you must do the Opt-Out again.

Between the setup options not recognized are, however, cookies activated during your visit to another providers’ website.

In your browser you can delete, however, all the cookies anytime, just as well adopt configuration that block the future collection. To this end, check the help function of your browser. It can also, however, prevents the adequate operation of some functions of the page.

Likewise, on the following website there is the possibility of managing the use of cookies through third parties and deactivating it:

We do not direct this website, so we are not responsible and have no control over the content and availability.

6. Usage of Retargeting-Tools

6.1 To improve our marketing online we use the Retargeting technology. Therefore, the offers related to Robert Bosch, that you view on internet, should become more interesting and aligned to your needs.

6.2 By means of use of cookies, that store information about your interest in our products and services, as well by means of the analysis of your behavior as user, we can offer to you personalized advertising and based in your interests, in our partners’ websites of Retargeting, as, for example, Google AdWords, Google Ads and YouTube Ads. It occurs, however, anonymous, in such a way that you cannot be identified by means of Retargeting.

6.3 If you do not want that Robert Bosch and its partner Retargeting use the respective Retargeting-Cookies, is recommended the block of the cookies’ collection, in the terms of the clause 5.4 above.

7. Usage of Conversion Tracking

7.1 To our offers online be as attractive as possible for our users, we use a technology called Conversion Tracking.

7.2 Our partners Conversion Tracking, as Google AdWords, set up a type of cookie in your computer, for the accomplishment of this analysis service (“Conversion Cookie”), in case of you enter in our site by means of advertisement of a respective partner. These cookies lose their validity after 30 (thirty) days. If you visited certain websites of ours and the Conversion Cookie haven’t expired, we and our respective partner Conversion Tracking can identify that someone has clicked in the advertisement and was forward to our site. Conversion Cookies cannot be traced by our site. With the assistance of the Conversion Cookies the information that was obtained suit for advertisement additionally to create the statistical Conversion and to know the total number of users that have clicked in the advertisement and, with a Conversion-Tracking-Tag, was forwarded to a site of interest. It occurs, however, anonymously, in such a way that you cannot be identified by means of the Conversion Tracking.

7.3 In case that you don’t want that Robert Bosch and its partner Conversion Tracking use the respective Conversion Cookies, is recommended the block of the cookies’ collection, by the terms of the clause 5.4 above.

8. Usage of analytical tools

8.1 Robert Bosch executes the access measurements to our page’s internet pages by means of tool of web analysis, as Google Analytics.

8.2 During the choice of the analysis tools we request to our service providers that the access data be captured exclusively anonymous, for that any connection with user be created. For the measurement, cookies will be installed in your browser, to make possible the analysis of the site use.

8.3 In case you do not want that the respective analysis cookies be used, is recommended the block of the cookies’ collection, in the terms of the clause 5.4 above.

  • Name: Google Analytics
    Provider: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
    Function: Analysis of user behavior (page retrievals, number of visitors and visits, downloads), creation of pseudonymous user profiles based on cross-device information of logged-in Google users (cross-device tracking), enrichment of pseudonymous user data with target group-specific information provided by Google, retargeting, UX testing, conversion tracking, and retargeting in conjunction with Google Ads
  • Name: Google Tag Manager
    Provider: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
    Function: Administration of website tags via a user interface, integration of program codes on our websites
  • Name: Google Ads
    Provider: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
    Function: Placement of advertisements, remarketing, conversion tracking
    Further information is available at:

9. Content Delivery Network of Microsoft Azure

In order to optimize the loading times of this website, we use a so-called “Content Delivery Network” (CDN) Services, offered by public cloud from Microsoft, Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA.

The use of the CDN Services represents a predominant legitimate interest within the meaning of article 6 section 1 lit. f GDPR.

In context of this processing, personal data is transmitted to the USA. The Transmission is based on European Standard Contractual Clauses in which Microsoft guarantees to comply with the European data protection law for its provided services.

Further information about the privacy policy of Microsoft is available here:

10. Usage of social plugins

10.1 Robert Bosch uses at our site and in the mobile devices the named social plug-ins to the social networks as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. It is about of a button as the “like button of Facebook".

10.2 With the named method of 2 clicks we protect your privacy, considering that, when you request to a page in our site that contain plug-ins, at first they will be deactivated. Only when you click in the button available, the plug-ins will be activated. With this activation, you have to create the connection with the respective social network and declare your acceptance for the transfer of your data. When you engage the respective button, the corresponding information of your browser will be transferred directly to the respective social network and will be save there. In case of you want to finish the transfer, you have to deactivate the plug-in.

10.3 In case of you be connected to a social network, this one can, additionally to your visit, classify your account. In case that you do not want that the respective social network connects the collected data of your visit, with your data users of this network, you have to disconnect your account before of the activation of the social buttons plug-in of the respective network.

10.4 To know the purpose and the dimension of the collection, processing and of the using of the data through the social network as well your respective rights and options of set up for the protection of your privacy, we recommend the reading of the policy of privacy of the respective social network.

10.5 We do not undertake for the handling of data done by the social networks corresponding to the plug-ins used, being such data handling by the responsible for such social networks, according to its privacy policy.

11. Usage of register services

11.1 We confer the possibility of you register in our site and in the mobile applications by means of the named Social-Logins, as, for example, Facebook Connect.

11.2 For the register, you will be forwarded to the respective network service, where you can connect with the data of your account. As result, your account of the respective network will be linked to our services. By agreeing our pages with your account in social networks, we will collect: the information of your opened profile, your email address and the identification of your network friends.

Instead, the social network service used for registration status receives login, browser and IP address if you consent when you visit our website.

11.3 In case of you do not want that the transfer of data between us and the social network occurs, do not register by the Social-Login, instead use our own register form.

12. Advertising

12.1 Agreement and revocation

When you provide us personal data, we use it to advertising purposes, to inform you about our products and services. The data can be used in collaboration with a research institute, for the development of statistical research. In this case, will act under contract and in accordance with the procedures of Robert Bosch.

In case of you do not want to receive advertising of Robert Bosch, you can revoke, anytime, your agreement for the future. Your data will be deleted or, in case of be necessary its storage, blocked.

12.2 Newsletter

You can sign our newsletter in our websites and applications. We use the procedure named double Opt in, because we will send the newsletter by e-mail, mobile services of News (for example WhatsApp), SMS or push news, if you previously and expressly accepted this sending by mean of a click in the notification link of newsletter service activation.

If you decide subsequently, that don’t want receive the newsletter, you can end the signature anytime, revoking your agreement. For E-Mail-Newsletter, the revocation occurs by means of clicking on the link provided in the proper Newsletter. For mobile newsletter, the revocation occurs by means of sending a message “No” to the respective distributors.

12.3 Competitions

In case of you participate of competitions, sales promotions or other activities related to Robert Bosch institutional actions, we will use your data provided for notifications of new competitions/sales promotions/actions or with the purpose of advertising o four products, since your agreement has been given. Detailed information and needed about the Robert Bosch competitions/sales promotions/actions can be found in the respective terms and conditions, which you have to adhere to confirm your participation.

13. Robert Bosch Communities

13.1 We offer the possibility of you become a member in ours Robert Bosch Communities (as Bob Community, 1-2-do-Community, etc.). There you can register yourself, create a profile and communicate with other members. The data about you inserted there and generated will only be used by us with purposes related to marketing, market research e service delivery, in the scope of your agreement declaration.

13.2 By means of provided options when you access the respective Community, you have the possibility of choose if the personal information of your user profile should keep as private or if, unlike, will be published only for your Community friends. However, all the data subsequently generated for you in the Communities, as, for example, the comments or pictures posted, are automatically public and accessible and will be linked to your user profile.

14. Mobile applications

14.1 Usage our mobile applications

We provide mobile applications, that can be installed by you in your device mobile. The rights described here are also applicable in the using. In addition to the collected data through the website, we collect another personal data through our mobile applications. It only applies in case of you have given your previously agreement.

14.2 Data collection of location

Our offering of products and services also cover the named Location Based Services; with which we offer to your special offerings that are appropriate with your location. To be able to offer these functions, we collect your location data through your mobile device’s GPS and also the IP address, in case of your agreement have been given. You can anytime revoke these functions in the setups of your application or in your operational system.

14.3 Collect of Advertising Identifier/Advertising ID

For purposes of advertising and upon your agreement, we will use for iOS the called “Advertising Identifier” (IDFA) and for Android the called Advertising ID. These ID numbers are unique, not personalized and not permanent for a defined terminal, that through of iOS and Android, they will be made available. These collected data aren’t linked with another information related to the devices. We use the ID number to provide personalized advertising and to be able to evaluate the using. When you select, in the settings of iOS in “Data Protection” – “Advertising”, the option “No Ad-Tracking” or in Android in “Google’s Settings” – “Advertising” the option “Deactivate of advertising based on interest”, we can take only the following measures: quantify your interaction with the banners through of the score of adds in a banner without clicks (“frequency capping”), click rates, verification of only one using (“unique user”), as well as security measures, fight against fraud and issues elimination. You can, anytime, delete the IDF and/or the Advertising ID in the settings of the device (reset “Ad-ID”), so a new ID number will be created, which won’t be compatible with the data previously collected. We inform you that you won’t be able eventually use all our applications functions, in case of you restrict the using of an ID number.

14.4 Data Transfer to App Store and Play Store

We don’t have any interference or control above the data collection by App Store or Play Store and, therefore, we don’t get the responsibility for any data collection accomplished for these applications.

15. Usage of external links

The web sites of Robert Bosch may contain links to websites of third parties (suppliers with which we are not associated). After clicking on the link, we no longer have control over the collection, processing and use of any personal data (such as the IP address or URL of the page containing the link) transmitted to third parties when clicked in the link, since the behavior of third parties is beyond our control. Robert Bosch assumes no responsibility for the processing of personal data of this type by third parties.

16. Security

16.1 Our employees and the service providing companies in charge of Robert Bosch are obliged to maintain confidentiality and to act according to the applicable legislation relative to the privacy and data protection.

16.2 Robert Bosch takes all the technical and organizational required measures according to the applicable laws of data protection to protect your data, managed by us, against manipulation, loss, damage, or against access of unauthorized people or unauthorized dissemination. Our security measures are continuously improved according to the technological development.

17. Access and rectification

Users have the right to require, anytime, information about their stored personal data. In addition, the user can also demand that their data be corrected, deleted or updated free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is accredited.

18. Revocation of consent and deleting data

18.1 Your agreement for the collection, processing and using of your personal data can be revoked at any time.

18.2 The exclusion of your personal data of our servers will occur when your agreement for the storage be revoked upon exclusion request or when the purpose of the collection be achieved.

18.3 The data necessary for billing and accounting or subject to a legal obligation of confidentiality are not modified. If access is not required, this data will be blocked.

19. Contact

To exercise any of your rights, make suggestions and file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, as well as to revoke your agreement, you can contact us by:

Data Security Officer - Latin America
P.O. Box 954 - CEP 13.065-970
Vía Anhanguera, Km 98 Campinas

E-mail: (please, don’t send e-mails with commercial content)

Phone: +55 (19) 2103 4511