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Bosch in Chile

Technology to keep mines working

Bosch Rexroth motors, hägglunds motors for mining, Bosch Rexroth solutions for mining

The power of the Bosch Rexroth motors and drive systems ensures lightness and productivity even in the hardest environments.

It is inevitable that in mining, everything will work on large scales. For instance, the biggest excavators, machines that extract minerals, can pull up to 5 tons of raw material per hour. For that, they weigh up to 500 tons - 20 times more than the heavy trucks we found on the roads.

As a consequence, it’s not easy to get a mine fully operational. This industry demands robust equipment that can operate efficiently and continuously even in extremely critical conditions.

When reliable performance in the harshest environments is on the line, Bosch is an expert in supplying appropriate movement, power, functions, and control, regardless of technology or location. The Bosch Rexroth solutions and services are flexible, being used for different applications in mining, helping optimize operational performance and productivity.

hägglunds motors, Bosch drive and control solutions, Hägglunds hydraulic motors for mining

Motores Hägglunds

The Hägglunds hydraulic motors are the right answer for attaining the best performance in mining. Present in several machines in the sector, they join performance with space optimization. They are compact and deliver high torque with low energy consumption. The CBM Hägglunds motor, for instance, considered the biggest and most powerful of is category, is 50% lighter and has 50% more torque than the previous version.

These motors’ moment of inertia, which measures how hard is to changing the state of movement of a body in rotation, is equivalent 0.1% comparing to an electro mechanical drive system. This limits the stress on machines, such as feeders and conveyor belts, increasing its lifespan.

hägglunds motors, Bosch drive and control solutions, Hägglunds hydraulic motors for mining

The bucket-wheel reclaimers, responsible for collecting minerals for transportation, are an example of equipment that can benefit from the Hägglunds motors. With an electro-hydraulic drive, they allow the motor to be lighter and more compact. The system’s advantage is the reduction of engine wear, leading to less maintenance and, therefore, to lower costs. This increases the reclaimer’s lifespan.

When it comes to safety, Bosch Rexroth’s Hägglunds motors does not disappoint. Compared to the electric-mechanical motors, its generate less noise and vibration, ensuring more operational comfort. In addition, its enable greater productivity, since when the engine disengages (due to high load), it can be started fast and with little effort.

Smooth starting and stopping

Bosch rexroth drive solutions for transport the mineral from one place to the other in a smoothly way

Bosch Rexroth Drive solutions have the unique ability of starting and stopping smoothly as many times as needed, which reduces considerably the tension on the conveyor belts used to transport the mineral from one place to the other. Using a hydraulic motor, they have high starting torque and the acceleration can be adjusted gradually. This allows a soft start, creating less tension in the belt and therefore less engine wear, making it possible to lower maintenance costs. The hydraulic motor also makes it possible to set the belts speed according to the operation’s needs, making it easy to inspect the process.

xxxbenefits of the Hägglunds motors, high torque, low energy consumption, less vibration, more operational comfort

Service and specialized technical assistance

In additional to providing technologies and solutions, Bosch is also a professional service provider for repairing, maintaining and modernizing mining machinery and equipment, maximizing productivity. All the expertise of professional drive and control technology expert is available to the clients to offer optimized support and the best replacement parts.

Bosch also works with hydraulic equipment process modernization proposals, as well as specialized technical assistance in the field. With that, the company offers its customers full support, so that they can continue producing efficiently and safety.

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