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Bosch in Chile

Bosch’s Monitoring System

More than the eye can see

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A truck carrying minerals approaches aprimary crusher, an equipment whose function is to grind the material that was collected in the mineral deposit. Tons and tons of minerals are extracted daily in the mines, which demand a high material processing and grinding volume. When they hit the crusher, though, the rocks raise a cloud of dust that covers the surroundings, making it hard to see.

Mine workers need to be 100% sure that the truck has finished unloading

to clear the crusher for the next vehicle. And they also have to be sure that there was no clogging of incident, of course.

But with limited view, Bosch can guarantee safety and continued operations with its monitoring system, the MIC 9000I, applied to the process of mineral crushing. It captures thermal images to clearly show working conditions, allowing for the liberation of the next truck or even the interruption of operations safely in case of clogging in the equipment.

90.000 Hours

Until the first need for maintenance, that is a little over 10 years.

The innovative MIC 9000 camera

The MIC 9000 I camera is one of the sturdiest in the market. Its structure is composed of gears and ball bearings, making it a lot more resistent and long-lasting - its expected usage is up to 90,000 hours before it needs maintenance, meaning a little over 10 years. It also allows for flexible assembly: it can be installed in different ways, including upside down.

The camera can also rotate 360°, making it possible to see the entire environment with no blind spots and it also has a wiper, similar to those used in cars to clean the windshield, to keep its lens clean. All these features contribute to a reliable, long-term performance. An innovaton by Bosch for more productivity and safety in mining.

MIC 9000I, The innovative MIC 9000 camera

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