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Bosch in Chile

Efficient surveillance

Bosch’s monitoring system for open holes captures

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Mining conditions at an open-cast mine are varied and usually very demanding. Fog, sunlight, temperature changes, strong winds, and especially the continuous dust are commonplace in the environment. Due to night shifts and adverse exposure to sunlight, visibility presents a particular challenge.

Thinking of better work and safety conditions, as well as of an increase in productivity and cost reduction, Bosch develops innovative solutions to optmize the mining process.

This is the case of Bosch’s monitoring system for open holes, which captures and stores images, surveilling even walls, runways, operation, and traffic.

Boschs’s MIC camera was projected to resist severe weather, including winds up to 180 mph, rain, fog, dust, humidity, severe temperature variations, vibration, and impact - all common situations in mining. The costs associated with maintenance are also advantageous, as its expected usage is up to 90,000 hours before it needs maintenance, meaning a little over 10 years.

Bosch offers a complete solution: image capturing, operation software, and storage, but the client can also opt to purchase only the camera and integrate it to an already existing monitoring system without affecting the quality of image transmission.

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Embedded Intelligence

Bosch’s MIC camera comes with embedded intelligence capable of, for instance, counting trucks waiting in line for unloading ore and trigerring an alert-alarm. This way, the mine’s operatives can identify complications and take the necessary action faster and more efficiently.

Features of Bosch camera, precise video analysis, interoperable system, several assembly options, resistant to severe weather conditions

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