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Bosch in Chile

Innovation as large
as the mine

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Safety and high performance

The production process in a mine demands enormous equipment that act in everything from extracting to refining minerals. Considering the toughness of each step and the sever environment, these machines need preventive and reactive maintenance in order to work properly.

That is why the tools that combine safety, innovation, and high performance makes all the difference in daily operations.

Bosch’s power tools share these attributes with excelence, contributing with the ergonomy and mobility of the users.

More technology, more safety

Bosch’s power tools are developed considering the user’s perspective and needs. The tools have innovative differentials and technical characteristics delivering safety and durability. Some have an automatic shutdown function, which shuts down the tool in case of disk jamming and only starts it again after the user turns it off and then turn it on. These tools also have a safety system that, in case of a blackout, prevents the equipment from working again by itself, preventing accidents.

Another differential is the possibility of rotating the main handle 90° to both sides, making it easier to adapt it to the user’s needs and guaranteeing more ergonomy for different kinds of work as cutting and grinding. Some handle models also rely on specific technology to reduce vibrations for the user reaching up to 50% less vibration, delivering more comfort and reducing fatigue.

Automatically shuts down the machine if the accessory is jammed, preventing breakage of the accessory and injury to the user.
Electronic rotation system that increases tool control and work efficiency while preventing injury to the user.
Reduces vibrations caused by the application, allowing the user to be able to work comfortably and uninterruptedly.
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The cordless tools portfolio have exclusive technologies and has an important role to favor the work of professionals. Bosch’s cordless screwdrivers, for instance, guarantee mobility, better performance, and more autonomy, since they do not depend on wires and energy outlets to be used.

Additionally, the accessories (such as drill bits) are the tools’ complements. They are more resistant and focused in productivity by avoiding constant changes and interruptions of the work.

Shared knowledge, double the safety

In 2018 alone over ten thousand operators were trained in Latin America. Bosch is committed to safety, sharing information through trainments related to safety and proper usage of equipments.

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