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Bosch in Chile

Smart Lockout System is intelligent, practical, and connected

smart lockout, faster maintenance, smart energy blocking, Bosch technology

Faster maintenance which conforms to safety parameters

A mining company’s productive process demands constant repairs in structures such as conveyor belts, ore pipelines, power grids, and material grinding process, among others. This is why good maintenance planning can prevent several inconveniences, including work-related accidents and low productivity.

To ensure the workers’ safety during maintenance, energy sources have to be disconnected, since the blocking device (master switch) has to be transported between the locking point and the maintenance point.

Bosch changes this with its innovative safety system, Smart Lockout, a set of devices that endures the energy blocking process in a fast and connected way using concepts from the IoT (Internet of Things) and following rigorous safety procedures. With this system, the blocking process can be significantly reduced. This solution also allows for the combination of several simultaneous blocking points.

Smart Lockout not only helps increase safety, it also improves productivity, since it eliminates the need to move between energy blocking and maintenance points.

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Benefits of smart lockout technology, optimeze process, safety, faster maintenance, productivity

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