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Bosch in Chile

Family sized economy

Bosch’s Start/Stop for off-highway trucks used for transporting mining materials.

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Reduction of fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions

off highway truck weighing 500 tons vehicle with 3000 horsepower engine

Although fuel consumption for be off-highway trucks used in the mining sector is proportional to the huge task they undertake, we cannot ignore the impact of 150 liters of diesel per hour that this kind of equipment needs in average to operate.

After all, there’s no sparing when we’re talking about 20 feet tall vehicles with 3,000 horsepower engines and weighing 500 tons. In this environment, fuel usage and the corresponding emissions are common challenges and, given the dimensions of the mines, constitute an economic and environmental nightmare, especially considering the periods in which the machine is functioning, but in one place and waiting to be loaded.

Can reduce
approximately 10%

of fuel usage and emissions.

This is an inevitable challenge, but it can be faced. Imagine a solution that, depending on the operation, can reduce approximately 10% of fuel usage and emissions.

This is what the Start/Stop system offers; originally developed by Bosch for passenger vehicles, when applied to trucks can reduce diesel usage and emissions of particulate matter and CO² in a practical way that is convenient for the operation.

The system automatically turns off the engine during operational waiting periods - when there is no movement - and turns it on again when operational conditions demand, for instance when the operator steps on the gas pedal. With Bosch’s ample knowledge, it can be retrofitted and installed in different kinds of equipment and allows for smart personalization of environmental factors and/or vehicle conditions (such as battery state, engine temperature, cabin temperature, and unloading position) for each application.

Start stop systems basic operation, diesel engine operating flow
Characteristics and benefits of start stop system, several safety parameters to ensure reliability, sustainability, monitors the batterie's charge

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