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Bosch in Chile

Robust solutions for extreme applications

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In sectors such as mining, it’s imperative to be able to trust your equipment. After all, each unexpected stop or repair result in inactivity time and it can increase the cost of production, as well as the risk to the operator’s safety. With high volumes of production, reaching tons of minerals, the operations must have at their disposal reliable, high-quality replacement products and parts.

That's what ensures that the production chain will continue the operate at full speed, even when facing unforeseen events. Bosch offers auto parts for several equipment and machines found in mining operations. The current portfolio has different product families, including Diesel injection systems (pumps and injectors), starter motors, alternators, filters and windshield wipers.

Bosch starter motors

Bosch’s HEF/HEP starter motors cover almost 100% of the off-highway equipment used in mining and in some of cases, the pneumatic starter motors are replaced by electric starter motors. This happens because the pneumatic components are extremely heavy and they may present failures during the start due to the lack of air in the system. Moreover, due to weight and size can also present ergonomic risk during the exchange of parts or repair.

With the new Bosch HEF/HEP starter motors, the user has the electric drive, which ensures the equipment will start even after prolonged shutdown. The start motors has a high technology, so its weigh is around 50% less than the original motors, making the repair process safer for the operators.

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