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The mining industry demands many processes with intense energy usage, such as copper cathodes production, raw materials for producing rods, bars, wires, cords, and tubes of elevated flexibility and high conductivity. However, in this environment, electric energy is not the best option, because of its high cost or even because of its availability.

Therefore, it is essential to reduce production costs and also the use of water resources; in other words, to use energy sources rationally. How can this be done? Betting on high energy efficiency thermal solutions such as Bosch’s Industrial Boilers, which generate steam or hot water.

Besides, depending on the quality of the water used, it’s possible to reuse it in the production process or even on locker room taps and showers.

Bosch’s Industrial Boilers

Bosch Industrial Boilers

Tailored to each customers specific needs, Bosch’s Industrial Boilers offer an efficient solution to heat the electrolytes (electrical conductor) and for washing copper cathodes. Even temperatures of 131 °F guarantee the high quality copper. The closed circuit project of the models that generate hot water also help saving water, chemicals, and maintenance (the water only needs to be changed once a year).

Another advantage is the Bosch MEC (Master Energy Control) monitoring system. Connected to the internet, the smart technology allows an intelligent control and an automated boiler for the client.

Bosch operational system, process flowchart, Bosch's Industrial Boilers

Environment care

Protecting the environment is a priority for Bosch. Therefore, offers highly efficient equipment is our responsibility as a leading company.

Bosch is the pioneer to offer boliers with a technology that reuse the heat from gas combustion, increasing their efficiency between 7% to 15% depending on the product.

They are designed to operate with liquid or gas fuel and meet all country’s environmental regulations, having a neutral level of CO² emission when using biogas or biodiesel.

Environment care, Bosch is protecting the environment, energy efficiency, water saving, smart control, less CO2 emission

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